An Ideal or Two

In my last post I described my ideal politician as "true freedom promoting, small government, tax cutting Republicans."  This is not to say that all Republicans meet this ideal, or that no Democrats fit the mold (though of those currently about I can only think of Zell Miller). Just remember: "All generalizations are wrong."
Another stereo type is that right wing Christians seek to impose their beliefs upon others through legislation or to deny other freedom of choice in thought, opinion, or religious matters.  Becoming a Christian is a free choice, a conscious decision that God lets us make on our own.  The freedom to choose for God also carries the freedom to reject God.  If God gives us the freedom to choose in this matter, it would be rather disingenuous for a Christian to seek to interfere with this freedom.

But I do believe anyone making a decision of any magnitude or impact should have all the information available to make an informed decision.  One should hear that the choice for or against God carries the consequences, assuming the correctness of the Christian viewpoint, of arriving in heaven or hell after death.  One should hear that when choosing an abortion the benefits and dangers of an abortion, both physical and mental.  When choosing whether to try to restrict firearm possession by citizens one should know the dangers of owning a firearm and the benefit of being able to defend yourself when the police do not respond immediately.

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