Last Time We Tangled

We have been around the block with Iran once since the Carter Administration.  Specifically during the Reagan Administration after one of our ships, USS Samuel B. Roberts (FFG 58), struck an Iranian mine April 14th, 1988.  The result was Operation Praying Mantis.  In a video about the incident, President Reagan stated:

They must know that we will defend our ships and if they threaten us they will pay a price.

We need to return to this policy, threaten us, you will pay.  I we also need to make another policy to go along with it, we do not threaten, we promise and deliver.  From the video you see that we made the Iranians pay for their error.

Iran wants nuclear power?  I really would not have much problem with that if they had been an honest broker in the past and specifically now.  Considering their belligerant attitude I find it hard to believe they are this worked up about nuclear power.  They should have anticipated this result, but they are pushing to test their boundaries, just like they did in 1988.

Like in 1988, we need to slap them down so hard that they get very quiet for another 15 years at least.

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