Men and Women

Mr. Fu is sometimes amazed at the questions that THE KAT asks him during conversation when they are talking about other people.  She will ask questions like "How did he meet his wife?" "How old is their baby?" and "What is her birthdate?"  Women seem to quiz each other endlessly about personal and relational information.

This is also the classic issue of "men won't stop and ask for directions."  Now why is that?  Mr. Fu wonders if there is so much tied up in the male ego, social posturing, and desire to hold one's self up as superior that makes a man that asks questions seem inferior, if only in his own mind.  Thinking about Mr. Fu, his vast knowledge and general disregard for the trivial events in the careening lives of those not in the Wilson Fu Circle of Trust, it is not at all surprising that Mr. Fu does not ask such questions.

But Mr. Fu stops to consider JAYNE, who in spite of the object of his callsign, is a very bright guy.  JAYNE asks all kinds of questions, and is not inferior in any way.  So perhaps there is something odd about JAYNE, or something else at work other than this theory on men not asking questions.  Perhaps just a general lack of interest in things that women find interesting?  Like reaching a particular destination without outside assistance?

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