But He’s A Good Boy!

From the link: Genarlow Wilson, 17 at the time, and others video taped themselves at a drunken party in a Days Inn motel room engaged in multiple sex acts with a 17 and a 15 year old girl. Though the 17 year old girl was drunk, Wilson was not found guilty of rape.  But since the age of consent  in Georgia is 16, his oral sex with  the 15 year old landed him a minimum 10 year sentence for aggrevated child molestation.

His lawyer stated, “Nobody could believe that this is the law.”

The jury foreman (who was a woman) said, “A bad law, absolutely.”

Yes, bad law!  How dare we try to legislate kids from doing stupid stuff!  Screw the if-it-saves-just-one-child-it’s-worth-it crowd! I always heard 15 will get you 20, so this creep got off light.!

Wilson is supposed to be a popular honor student and athelete.  It appears that this time the jock is not getting a pass. The article has the air that somehow this kid should be above the law, it’s only sex, right?  Who could get hurt?  Stupid ass kids, they screw around and get burned then complain.  Welcome to life, asshat!

And before anybody gets any ideas, if CLONE RED acts this way when he is 17, I hope I have the guts and the mind set to throw the switch on him myself.  I am raising him better than that.  Grow up, get a college degree, get married, then have sex.  It will save you a lot of headaches down the road. This incident is a stupid, easily avoided problem.  I could care less that a bunch of freaks are loosing their minds over this.  They always do.  They need to remember their Barretta, “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.”


  1. Marc Hargrave said

    Adult women who do the same crime to teenage boys get a much lighter sentence. There is a double standard. This kids life is ruined…..for a blow job. I bet if you asked every man you knew, he would probably confess to having oral and or sexual intercourse by 17 or younger. Hell 60% or more of American men would be locked up

  2. wilsonfu said

    I partially agree and partially disagree Marc:

    The fact that there is a double standard where women are concerned is also crime.

    As for this kid’s life being ruined for a blow job, no. His life has not been ruined because of a blow job. His life has been ruined because of stupidity: Evidence of Stupidity 1) oral sex with a minor; Evidence of Stupidity 2) video taping his participation in a gang rape and oral sex with a minor. EoS 2 is like the idiots that poach game in Federal Parks and video tape what they do.

    I for one could not confess to such, and I doubt I am totally alone. And that the numbers might be high, that is a crime as well. Sex has consequences and some of them can be very, very unpleasant (not just very unpleasant).

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