Reflection on the Hollywood Mentality

Or lack thereof….

With all the flap and flop of the Academy Awards recently, for some reason in the bathroom I started thinking about the seemingly (to be generous) irrational behavior of the Hollywood crowd (in general, and remember: “All generalizations are wrong.”).  But given the career path of the average actor or actress, which is a long hard, heartbreaking struggle to never get anywhere, it is no wonder that the few that make it have to be of a mentality that says in spite of all evidence to the contrary I am going to make it in this business.  At seeing that the selection process of those that make it versus those that do not, you would have to be almost completely irrational to hang on long enough to make it.  That means that those that make it to stardom may be the most irrational of all.

Contrast this with a rational person making a career choice that says, “Hmmm, I could take a shot at Hollywood, but since the odds are so long on making it there I will choose a path of education and work that gives me income now and for the foreseeable future.”

There is something admirable in the “win at all costs in spite of the odds” mentality that would seem to dominate the acting world.  But having that kind of mania is a far cry from also possessing the mental capacity for rational thought.  So it is small wonder that most of the Hollywood crowd is a bunch of screw-ups or wackos (again, generalizing).

But then what do I know?  I am only a physicist with a job…

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